Gen 2 – Chapter Fourty nine – Snow White

As expected the Lachance’s took the death of Poppy badly but Kyle was having a hard time adjusting to life without his mother and would spend hours hiding under the covers.

With the death, came back the family curse. It wasn’t that surprising since Arielle wasn’t as skilled in the kitchen as her mother. So accidentally Arielle set the kitchen ablaze as she tried to feed her family.

As the pregnancy progressed Arielle began to worry about the child that she was carrying, so she went to get some reassurance from her brother Caleb and his wife Lucy.

As she sat with the couple Arielle felt scared to tell her family that her fiance was in fact an alien and that her child had the potential to also be an alien.

“The thing is, Rick is an alien.” Arielle said quietly as she tried to avoid eye contact.
“An alien from Sixam?” Lucy asked curiously to which Arielle nodded slowly. “We have one at work, he is really nice.”
“If Rick is an alien then is your baby one too?” Caleb asked in confusion.
“I really don’t know. Cal, I’m scared for my baby.” Arielle replied, she felt guilty but she couldn’t help her feelings.

During the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy, Arielle tended to the garden. It seemed to make her happy, even though the cowplant did scare her a little.

“Why do I suddenly feel like Snow White?” Arielle pondered as she picked an apple off the tree and took a bite.


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