Gen 2 – Chapter Fifty eight – Birthday wish

Since Arielle had received Rina’s reply to her letter, she had been more forgiving over the remodelling of the house and over time she had started to think of it as home. Over the next couple of years the family had began to save so that they could eventually expand the house to the upstairs. However, for the moment Arielle was happy in her fancy little kitchen where she was baking a cake for Luna’s upcoming birthday.

Even though she still wasn’t very savvy in the kitchen, Arielle still enjoyed to cook for her family.

Once the cake was made, Arielle brought the cake out into the garden where she and Rick, sang happy birthday to their daughter.

“Make a wish but only one.” Arielle said as he daughter looked at the brightly lit candles.
“I wish for..”  Luna began but both of her parents told her not to reveal her wish, causing the birthday girl to laugh. “I know, I was only teasing.”

Once Luna had chosen her wish, she blew out her candles and as she did she watched the small little wish fly away with the smoke.


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