Gen 2 – Chapter Fifty five – The red house

Over the last couple of years, Rick had been told of many wonderous stories of his wife’s family. What had interested him the most was that her paternal uncle Callum had done with his home and that led him to follow in the same footsteps, much to his wife’s displeasure.

As Arielle approached the remodelled home, she couldn’t help but feel shocked by Rick’s surprise and once the shock had surpassed, all that was left was outrage.

“What have you done!” Arielle yelled in anger much to her husband’s shock.

As the days passed the tension in the Lachance household had become so unbearable that Rick fount himself shouting at his daughter in frustration.

Feeling immensely upset due to her father shouting at her, Luna fount comfort in her plush bunny.

The following evening, Arielle sat on the bench next to her daughter and offered to read her a story, to which Luna accepted.

“Why are you and daddy always arguing?” Luna asked after Arielle had finished reading one of the short shorties in the book.
“We aren’t always arguing.” Arielle lied to which her daughter merely looked at her causing her to sigh. “Well we don’t mean to.”
“I know mommy.” Luna replied as she placed her hand upon her lap. “Is it because of me?”
“Of course not!” Arielle replied without hesitation. “I’m a little upset with your father at the moment.”
“Because he remodelled the house?” Luna asked after a few moments of thought, to which Arielle simply nodded.


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