Gen 2 – Chapter Fifty nine – Wishes do come true

Luna had grown into an adorable teen and although she was in her teenage years, she still wasn’t ready to put her plush toys in storage.

Luna’s birthday wish was to meet her father in his alien form and a few years after the wish had been made, it came true.

Once Luna had experience the telepathic vibration from her father’s mind, they practiced the secret handshake.

“So mom can never know the secret handshake?” Luna asked as she touched her finger with her fathers.
“Although I am married to your mother and I love her very much, it would be forbidden to teach her the handshake or any human for that matter.” Rick replied as he looked over at his sleeping wife.
“Dad, I’m half human.” Luna stated to which her father laughed.
“Yes, but you are also half alien and one day you might meet another alien and you will need know how to greet them.” Rick answered with a mischievous smile.

Knowing that her father might not keep his alien form known for long, she took a picture with him.


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