Gen 2 – Chapter Fifty seven – Is a divorce in order?

Since the argument between Rick and Arielle, the tension in the Lachance household had seemed to have ceased and things seemed to be getting back to normal. Luna had once again been getting better marks at school and seemed over all happier in general.

That was until Arielle was cleaning up Luna’s living space whilst she slept. It had been worrying for Arielle to discover that Luna was storing plumbob knows what under the bed,.Quickly collecting all the junk, Arielle threw it all in the bin and decided to speak to her daughter in the morning.

When morning arrived, Arielle sat upon the sofa and spoke to Luna about the pile of junk that had been stored under the bed, as she listened to her daughter speak she placed her arm about her child and cuddled her. Unknowingly to Arielle, Luna had been working on a school project and was using some of the junk to build herself a rocket for the school science fair.

Later that afternoon whilst Luna was spending time with her father, Arielle went to the family grave site and spoke to her mother’s headstone.

“Mom, I feel very silly talking to you this way but there is no other way to talk to you and I miss you so much.” Arielle spoke quietly so that she wasn’t over heard, trying to hold back the tears Arielle continued. “I love him mom, I really do but he betrayed my trust. He just remodelled the house that you and grandmother worked so hard to achieve and he expects me to be happy about it. I fear I might need to leave him, for how can I forgive him for this?”

Arielle had been rather conflicted on if she should divorce her husband or not, so she wrote to her cousin Rina Payne in hopes that she would understand.


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