Gen 2 – Chapter Fifty six – Let the arguing commence

Knowing that Luna was suffering from all the tension that was gathering in the household due to the remodelling of the household, Arielle decided to try and clear the air with her husband. However, this only created another argument between the couple.

“Why Rick, just answer me that one simple question.” Arielle growled as she couldn’t wrap her mind around what possessed her husband to destroy the home that her mother and her mother before her had created.
“You told me that you had dreams of remodelling the house and after you told me the story about your uncle, I thought you would be happy.” Rick answered calmly.
“Happy? Do I look happy to you?” Arielle yelled and then sighed as she walked away from her husband before pacing back toward him.
“Arielle, if you could just calm down.” Rick snapped.
“I could wring your neck for this.” Arielle gritted through her teeth.

As so the couple continued to argue and not just about the house, they fount many things to argue about.

Arielle at one stage had tried to defuse the situation by simply shrugging her shoulders but that seemed to rile Rick up and since he is rather hot-headed, it didn’t take much.

At one point, the couple had even proceeded to argued over Llamas and Gnomes to which had gotten so out of control that Rick had thrown his drink, all over Arielle.

The moment the drink collided with his wife’s face, Rick instantly regretted allowing his hot headed trait get the better off him.

Apology not accepted, Rick decided to try to calm himself down by painting an angry picture. However, what Rick created was terrifying to say the least.

Note: I was seriously worried for my sims, when Rick painted this as I am cursed with fires in my gameplays.


One thought on “Gen 2 – Chapter Fifty six – Let the arguing commence

  1. charliimai says:

    An Angry Rick want’s to burn the house down since it’s the main cause of his arguments with Arielle. XD. Better keep him away from sources of ignition, I guess that means only cereal and yogurt for him for a while. LoL


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