Gen 2 – Chapter Fifty three – The many talents of Luna

It wasn’t long until Luna had become a child and soon she had found a love for discovering all kinds of treasures as she explored Magnolia Blossom Park.

Although Luna did not have a musical bone in her body, that did not stop her from trying to learn the violin. Which she had recently received for her birthday.

When the musical route of her creative path did not work out once expected, Luna turned her creativeness to art where she was surprised to  find out that she was quite the little artist.

Although Luna was not a neat child, she did like to help her parents and so she would collect the dishes that had been used throughout the day.

To rid herself of unwanted stress from trying to achieve an A in school, Luna would often play in the puddles that had been created by all the watering that her parents had done, during the day as they attended to the garden.

On days that her parents hadn’t attended to the garden but Luna was in need of some play time to alleviate herself from the stress that had been building during her day at school, she would play make-believe with her toys.
“I may not be a unicorn but I shall be the prettiest, most magical horse in all the land. Unlike the Pegasus family, I have no use for wings as I can fly without them.” Luna said excitedly as she swung her toy horse around.


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