Gen 2 – Chapter Sixty – Arielle in Sixam

Once Arielle had reached level ten in rocket science, she discovered the planet from which her husband originated from.

Stopping to admire such a wonderful planet, Arielle was in awe at all the pretty surrounding.

Especially since the planet was covered in so many treasures, from rocks to harvestable plants and that wasn’t all. Once collecting all that she could find, Arielle met a friend who was native to the planet Sixam.

The new-found friend had let Arielle to something of great importance on the planet and as she looked at it, she couldn’t help but wonder if there was more like them upon the planet.

Soon it was time to leave Sixam and return back home to her family. However, as she stood at the portal she wondered if she would ever return.

Taking a deep breath and making sure that she had everything that she had collected, Arielle walked through the portal that would return her to her rocket where she would return home.


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