Gen 2 – Chapter Sixty one – Boy, Boys, Boys

Upon returning home from school one day, Luna noticed a painting that she recognised from her grandmother’s photo album.

“Mom, where did you find this bunny painting?” Luna asked as she noticed that her mother was in the kitchen cooking.
“In storage, why?” Arielle asked as she continued to chop carrots.
“I’ve seen it before, well seen a photo of it in grandmother’s photo album.” Luna replied as she admired the picture.
“Yes, she adored the picture. I was going to ask Cousin Rina if she would like it back since she is the one who painted it.” Arielle replied as she put the chopped carrots into a bowl and began to peel the potatoes.
“Do you think I could keep it?” Luna asked and smiled brightly as Arielle nodded.

Every day after school Luna would admire the painting that once belonged to her grandmother, somehow the painting made her feel closer to the woman she had heard so much about but had never got to meet.

It wasn’t long until Luna had started to take and interest in boys and soon enough she had share her first kiss with childhood friend, Roberto.

After a few dates they became official and would spend most of their time together.

And when they wasn’t together, Luna was off kissing other boys. Although the only boy she allowed over to her house apart from Roberto was the boy from across the street, Luis.

Note: I’m unsure if he is called Luis but it was something similar, I forgot to make a note on his name.

Special thanks to my friend cm who gave me the emotional kick up the plumbob to get these nine chapters up today. She too is writing a Legacy and is totally kicking my Llama as she is on her fifth gen go check her legacy out here –


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