Gen 3 – Chapter Sixty five – First field assignment

After months of being in the force, Luna had yet to be assigned a field case that was until one of the higher ranked co-workers called in sick. Following the group of officers to the crime scene was exciting for Luna but as she stood in the room and observed the scene, she fount herself stuck with a bunch of idiots.

“So we went to Sunlit Tides on our honeymoon and oh my Llama was the sun beaming down on us.” The female co-worker said as she waved her arms behind her back.
“I thought you went to Sunset Valley?” As the male co-worker as he looked at his co-worker with an confused expression.
“No, I’m originally from Sunset Valley.” The female co-worker replied in annoyance.

Feeling bored by the conversation that her co-workers was having, Luna went off in search of clues that would be helpful to the case and as she walked into the kitchen, she noticed that the fridge door was open ajar and so this planted a thought in Luna’s mind, that the burglar might have taken something from the fridge since the toilet was still in the bathroom. Taking out her dusting brush, Luna began to dust for fingerprints.

Luna continued to search the house for clues and as she walked back around the bathroom, she spotted a business card upon the ground. Luna was curious as to what was written upon the business car. However, she was able to restrain her curiosity and instead took a picture as evidence.

After a couple of hours of looking around the area, Luna was called back to the station to hand over the clues. However upon leaving the lot, she could not believe that one of her co-workers was committing vandalism on the victim’s rubbish bin.

When Luna arrived back at the station and handed all the evidence over to the chief, she was informed that there had been some more items fount at the crime scene and so Luna was sent back to the house to get the evidence.


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