Gen 3 – Chapter Sixty four – Arielle getting on in life

As Luna started to progress in her career, Arielle started to progress into old age and she did so with the same grace and clothes that she did as a youngster.

Arielle started to need to take medicine for her stiff back and although the medicine helped greatly, she really did not like the taste of it. I suppose Arielle did not get the memo that the best medicine out there, is also the one that smells like Llama breath and tastes like it too, nevertheless Arielle took it daily.

Starting the transition into her later years, Arielle had grown obsessed with the art of Bonsai shaping and would often make the most interesting shapes.

However, Arielle did seem to take her obsession a little too far when she purchased a whole dozen of them.

Still, gardening was therapeutic to not only her body but also her mind and soul.


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