Gen 3 – Chapter Sixty six – Alien abduction

Arielle had been tending to her garden when the ever so familiar glow ascended over her. Only having heard stories about Alien abduction in the past,  Arielle was not only curious but also intrigued by the thought of being abducted but as she stood up to look at the long beam of light, she was overcome by the overwhelming flood of fear.

As she felt herself being lifted up into the air, she began to scream for her husband who perhaps could stop her from being abducted. Hearing the screams, both Rick and Luna climbed out of the swimming pool to see the beam of light traveling back up to the U.F.O from the ground, with Arielle in tow.

Together both Luna and her father, Rick awaited the return of Arielle. Rick was slightly worried for his wife as he knew what happened in alien abductions but instead of scaring his already terrified daughter, he tried to reassure her.

“It’s mostly for human testing, to see how alike we are.” Rick said after a few moments of silence.
“But they impregnate humans, dad.” Luna replied as her teeth chattered from the cold.
“Only male humans and that’s rare, usually that only happens if the alien thinks the human is worth impregnating.” Rick replied casually to which Luna scoffed.

About an hour or two after Arielle was abducted, she was ungracefully returned. As soon as Arielle got up off the ground she looked at Rick in annoyance before making both husband and daughter promise never to speak about the abduction. It had been rather uncomfortable to be prodded by aliens, especially aliens that wasn’t your husband but as she soaked her aching body in the bath full of bubbles she couldn’t help but think of the charming alien that had proposed to her during her visit on the U.F.O.


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