Gen 3 – Chapter Sixty three – G.N.O.M.E database

The phone call had been from the Willow Creek police station offering Luna a position as a cadet and so on the following Monday morning dressed in her work uniform, Luna arrived at the police station.

As Luna approached the desk and waited to be spoken to by the police officer, she tried to steady her nerves. The fear of having a cracked voice and giving a bad impression was worrying for the young cadet.

“Can I help you?” The police officer asked as she placed the phone upon the desk and looked at Luna.
“I’m Luna Lachance, I’m suppose to be starting work here today.” Luna replied and sighed inwardly as her voice was surprisingly steady.
“Lachance? Ah here you are, ok cadet what you need to do is go through that door to your left and sign into your account and once that is done, visit the chief to get yourself your very first assignment.” The officer replied as she handed Luna an envelope.

Once Luna had walked into the room, she noticed that it was empty. Taking the desk nearest to the door, she signed into her account using the information that was enclosed in the envelope.

Once Luna had met with the chief, she was assigned the task on checking the samples from the Chronicles of Llama case with what had been an ongoing investigation for many years. Luna felt extremely honoured to do this until she was informed that every other officer on the force had done this same task.

As Luna set about trying to analyse the toe print of the Llama, she was given her first obstacle, which was trying to access the G.N.O.M.E database. It seemed that Luna’s first day at work was going to be anything but smooth sailing.


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