Gen 3 – Chapter Seventy eight – Luna’s gone legit psycho

It had been many years since the marauder heist had taken place, as these four female sims who are also known as the marauder’s had joined forces to make Luna’s professional life, a living misery.

Case after case had been closed due to lack of evidence or witnesses mysteriously withdrawing their statements after being bribed with what couldn’t only been classified as ‘store content.’

It had taken some persuading but Luna had managed to convince an inmate to give names of some of the sims that had once had dealings with the marauders. Finding one of the sims in the Blue Velvet, she quickly arrested the sims before she could say pink flamingo.

During the interrogation, Luna tried the good cop routine.

“I get it, I really do. The marauders are idols and you look up to them, perhaps you even get to scratch their paws.” Luna began and when the woman looked at her in confusion, she sighed. “What can you tell me of Kitty Meow?”
“Who?” The woman asked in confusion and when Luna glared at her she held up her hands. “Look, I have no idea who you are talking about.”
“Dumpling Mutt?” Luna asked but when the woman shook her head she looked down at the file. “We have suspicions that along with two others, Meow and Mutt are leading an organisation. So it would be in your best interest to tell me what you know.”
“I have no idea who on Sixam you are talking about, I’m just a librarian.” The woman snapped to which Luna scoffed.
“One more time, who is Dumpling Mutt??” Luna yelled and for the next couple of hours, the interrogation went around in circles.

After hours of interrogation, it turned out that Luna had arrested the wrong woman who had shared a similar name. After weeks of tracking down the right woman, Luna was beginning to lose patience and when she realised that the suspect was not going to cooperate with the interrogation, she calmly stood up before throwing all the documents up into the air.
“That’s it! You know what, I give up! This is the most stupidest case, I have ever had the misfortune of taking on. Who and I seriously mean this, who in their right mind would call themselves Kitty Meow and Dumpling Mutt, is that something to be proud of? Are they insane? Are they neurotic and down right childish? Do they think they are so clever to think up such purrfect names for themselves! You know what, I don’t even care any more and don’t get me started on P.A.W.S. Paws! What next? Squeaky toy and litter box?” Luna yelled before storming out of the interrogation room and the police station.

– I would like to dedicate this chapter to the real life Dumpling Mutt. Mutt, you have become so sneaky in the time that I have known you, that it is almost criminal. I hope that this chapter makes you laugh. This is for you, little mutt <3


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