Gen 3 – Chapter Seventy five – Family meeting

Although Alexander on many occasions had tried to break the bond between Jefferson and Georgia. They remained close and would often try to find ways of how to ignore their younger brother and try to find away to protect their little sister.

Strangely enough, Piper had been immune from the evil antics of her brother and would often play with him. That was until Piper had started to notice how Alexander treated her twin siblings.

“Alexander, why do you dislike Jefferson and Georgia?” Piper asked as she placed the dolls back into doll house.
“Because they look different from me and they have that weird bond.” Alexander replied with a scowl.
“But I look different from you too.” Piper said slowly as she knew how angry her brother could get.
“You’re not an Alien but they are and it’s creepy.” Alexander snapped causing Piper to het up in a huff.
“Half-alien and so is mommy, do you hate her too?” Piper asked and when she got no answer, she stormed out of the room.

Feeling angry at what he thought was a betrayal, Alexander broke the doll house as he thought of all the horrible things he would say to Piper when he saw her. However, what Alexander did not expect as he laughed evilly was that his mother was standing in the kitchen watching him.

Knowing that the sibling rivalry would not stop until she intervened, Luna called for a family meeting. Allowing each child to speak had been the way to proceed and as she listened to each child’s complaints, she realised that Alexander had been causing more trouble than she originally thought. Although Luna knew that allowing Alexander to speak would be a mistake, she allowed him to do so regardless.

“I don’t like any of you, I think you are all fools and horrible and I hate it, I hate all of you. I just want to smash all your toys, rip up your home work and put gnomes in your beds.” Alexander said angrily much to the horror of his family.

Nevertheless, the one thing that all the children could agree on was an afternoon in the swimming pool.


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