Gen 3 – Chapter Seventy four – He’s evil!

By the time that Luna had given birth to her daughter Piper, Alexander had grown up into a child and for what seemed a few brief moments, he seemed to get on rather well with his sister Georgia, who had started to take an interest in photography.

However as time went by, Alexander began to show his true colours.

“You look like a giant blueberry and you smell like one too.” Alexander laughed evilly as he point to her.
“That’s mean, Alexander.” Georgia replied as she tried not to cry at her brother scornful words.

Alexander’s behaviour towards his sister only got worse, he would find many ways to hurt her feelings and break all her toys. Especially her dolls house that she had received for her birthday.

“Haha! Georgia won’t have anything to play with once I smash this stupid doll house.” Alexander thought as he began to break his sisters doll house.

After much destruction at the hands of Alexander, the doll house was destroyed and he couldn’t want to see his sisters reaction when she woke up.

Hiding out in the garden, Alexander waited for his sister to discover that her doll house had been broken and as he watched her walk into the room, he couldn’t help but light up with glee.

“Mommy! Alexander as broken my doll house!” Georgia screamed as she started to cry, turning around at the noise of the door she saw her twin brother looking immensely angry.
“Something is not right with Alexander.” Jefferson growled
“He’s evil.” Georgia replied sadly.


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