Gen 3 – Chapter Seventy nine – Gen 3 finale

Whilst Luna was put on temporary leave due to her breakdown, Georgia and Jefferson took care of the younger sibling and whilst Jefferson tried to explain to Alexander that their mothers mid-life crisis wasn’t amusing. Georgia spent time playing as a sea monster with her sister, Piper.

Over the following months, Georgia and Piper had got to know each other a lot better and they became good friends as well as being sisters.

Alexander had started to become distant from his family and would often break the doll house to spite his litter sister.

It had come to a point that none of his siblings wanted to spend time with him and so Alexander spent most of his time out camping, where he would eat all of the marshmallows.

When it was finally time to take their L.L.A.M.A exam, both Jefferson and Georgia was ready, since they had been preparing themselves for this moment.


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