Gen 3 – Chapter Seventy seven – Medical school?

Whilst Jefferson fount high school to be a breeze, Georgia was struggling to cope and as the L.L.A.M.A exams was beginning to approach she was finding it hard to concentrate, especially when it was her turn to look after the younger siblings.

Noticing that her sister had been struggling with school, Jefferson decided to approach her on the subject as they walked home from school.

“What’s going on sis, usually you are so academically gifted.” Jefferson said as they stopped at the local library where Georgia was meeting her friend Paige.
“What’s going on is that I’m late for study group with Paige and if I don’t hurry up she will have her head in a book and plumbob knows when I will be home.”
“I’m sure Paige will have her head in a book regardless, so talk to me.” Jefferson replied as he placed his hands on Georgia’s shoulders and looked at her.
“My grades aren’t as good as they should be and I’m worried I won’t get accepted.” Georgia admitted after a few moments.
“Accepted? Accepted into what? Have you applied for something without telling me and mom?” Jefferson asked and although he didn’t like to admit it, he was a little hurt that his sister didn’t trust him.
“I want to study medicine, Jefferson.” Georgia revealed and laughed as Jefferson looked at her in shock. “So, I’ve applied to medical school.”
“I have no doubts that you would make a make a great doctor.” Jefferson confirmed to which Georgia nodded.
“Thankyou.” Georgia said as she felt more optimistic for her future.

Over the next couple of months, Jefferson dedicated most of his time to help his sister study for the upcoming L.L.A.M.A exams.

Knowing that in order to be a doctor, one would need to not be squeamish and so Jefferson took his sister fishing, where they would later dissect the fish, much to Georgia’s horror.

Alexander soon became a teenager and although he left his childhood antics behind him, he still fount many ways to annoy his sister.


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