Gen 3 – Chapter Seventy six – Becoming teens

Once again it was that time for the twins to age up one more and as the twins walked into the room, they noticed that their mother had baked them both a cake.

Luna had been keeping it a secret but she had decided to give her daughter, not only the heir necklace but also her freezer bunny guitar.

Georgia was also allowed to get an account on simbook and spent most of the afternoon taking selfies.

Jefferson had noticed that his sister had gotten a passion for photography and so he spend all his pocket-money that he had been saving to purchase his sister, her very own camera.

“I didn’t know that we was exchanging gifts.” Georgia said softly as she opened her gift. “I’ve not got anything to give you.”
“Doesn’t matter.” Jefferson smiled and laughed when his sister realised what he had given her. “Let’s see if it works.”
“Thankyou Jefferson.” Georgia said after they had taken the picture.

Whilst Georgia practiced playing the guitar, Jefferson spent his time attending to the garden and he fount that he quite enjoyed being out in the sunshine.


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