Gen 3 – Chapter Seventy three – Holding the scythe

Rick had taken up the cooking skill in his later life but the truth of the matter was, he couldn’t even cook scrambled eggs without setting the smoke alarm off.

Unfortunately for Rick, as he sat down to eat the burnt scrambled eggs he was unaware that it would be the last meal that he would be able to enjoy.

It wasn’t long until the Grim Reaper had arrived to reap Ricks soul.

Hearing the Grim Reaper, Luna woke up and hauled herself out of bed which was by no means an easy feat since was in her third trimester. Strangely enough the Grim Reaper took an interest in the unborn child.

Before the Grim Reaper departed back to the underworld, Luna asked if she could hold his scythe, to which he agreed.

“It’s delicate so be careful.” The Grim Reaper stated as he passed his Scythe to Luna.
“I’d make an awesome Grim Reaper.” Luna beamed as she looked at the Scythe.

Suddenly the Grim Reaper vanished into a poof of black smoke and luckily before he vanished completely, he grabbed his scythe from Luna’s clutches.

Note: Doesn’t it look like she is holding the scythe. Oh and yeah, surprise pregnancy…oops.


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