Gen 3 – Chapter Seventy two – Simberry heart cookies

Over the next couple of years, Luna had been on countless dates and had many relationships. Some even at the same time, but upon waking up one morning she suddenly felt sick and this sickness stayed with her for many days. Luna wondered if she could in fact be pregnant and so she decided to take a pregnancy test and although she was uncertain of the child’s father, she was happy about the pregnancy.

Luna had continued to tend to her mother’s bonsai tree during her pregnancy and although she was currently single for Love day, Luna pruned her bonsai into the shape of a heart.

It wasn’t long until Luna was once again giving birth and unlike her previous pregnancy, Luna gave birth to one baby, a boy to whom she named Alexander.

Georgia had been a little obsessed with the Simney’s movie, Alice in Sixamland and had begged her mother to bake her some simberry heart cookies!

“Someone as stole three of my hearts!” Georgia said as she mimicked the red queen.

Unfortunately, Jefferson discovered that he did not like the taste of simberries and so he had to force himself to eat the cookie.

Georgia wasn’t sure what to think of her new baby brother, she loved him naturally but she did not understand why he didn’t have the same skin tone as she did or even the colour of their mother’s skin and so she decided to ask her mother why.

“Mommy. If Alexander is my brother, then why doesn’t he look like us?” Georgia asked her mother as she pulled silly faces at her brother.
“What do you mean?” Luna asked in mock confusion.
“Well I’m blue, Jefferson is blue and you are purple but Alexander is different.” Georgia explained as played peekaboo with the baby.
“That’s because Alexander as a different daddy.” Luna replied honestly.

Note: Kids are innocent in all aspects of life, they ask the question in the most interesting ways that no adult would ever ask. I’m just making use of this innocence.

Oh and yay for Simney and thanks to Disney for making Alice in wonderland a visual reality and of course Lewis Carroll is amazing!


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