Gen 3 – Chapter Sixty eight – Sixam’s finger spark

Luna had been walking home one Friday night when she spotted a mysterious light coming from the window of a recently sold house, thinking that the owner might need some assistance, Luna approached he door and knocked.

Apparently the owner was not in need of any assistance but something about the charming red-headed man had intrigued her and this caused her to become friendly with the man who had introduced himself as Neo.

As the weeks flew by Luna and Neo had become romantically involve but within the relationship something did not feel right and so she decided that she would ask Neo if her suspicions was right and he replied with the secret handshake. Which did indeed confirm her suspicions about him.

According to Sixam mating, if two aliens receive a spark as their fingers touched. They was meant to be but as their fingers touched one another, the couple looked at each another and sighed as there was definitely no spark.

Deciding that their relationship would not lead to anything special, the couple decided that it was best that they just go back to being friends. However, it was later revealed to Luna that she was pregnant and knowing that Neo did not wish to have any children she decided that she would raise the child alone.
Note: Sixam mating information is not actually fact but I thought it was a cute little addition to add to how Alien’s could find their soul mate.


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