Gen 3 – Chapter Sixty nine – Death is everywhere

Luna had been delivering food to the inmates when she heard her co-worker screaming, quickly locking up the cell Luna rushed to where her co-worker was ad she was shocked at the scene before her. All three of her co-workers had dropped down dead, soon enough the Grim Reaper showed up to take the souls of the three that had died.

Upon returning back to her daily tasks at work, Luna was shocked to discover that all of the inmates in cell block Gnome had also been on the Grim Reapers list as they too, had fallen down dead.

Feeling quite emotional over all the deaths that had taken place throughout the day, Luna returned home feeling rather deflated but as she arrived home another death was taking place. The death of Arielle Lachance, Luna was beginning to feel cursed and as she noticed the Grim Reaper arrive tears began to stream down her face.

“Please, Grim. I will do anything, just spare my mom.” Luna begged as she kneeled before the Grim Reaper.
“Do you have my death flower?” Grim Reaper asked as he considered sparing Arielle.
“Not yet but we are so close to finding it.” Luna replied desperately as she looked at the Grim Reaper with trepidation.
“That’s not good enough, I shall not spare her life.” The Grim Reaper huffed.
“Please, I’m pregnant. Let my child grow up to meet their grandmother.” Luna pleaded but scowled as the Grim Reaper laughed.
“You know, your mother said the exact same thing to me when her mother died.” The Grim Reaper finally revealed.
“You’re a monster!” Luna sobbed as she wiped her tears away.

Watching as Luna ran out of the house, the Grim Reaper merely shook his head before reaping the soul of the former heir.


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