Gen 3 – Chapter Sixty seven – The marauder case

As Luna became more confident within the force, she began to be more dedicated to solving the many crimes that was being committed in Willow creek. Nothing was too big of an assignment for her and as Luna looked at the board of clues that could potentially lead to the biggest solved case the police for had ever seen, she felt excited.

It wasn’t long before Luna had arrested a sim on suspicion of aiding the notorious Dumpling Mutt of smuggling rose scented teapots into Willow Creek.

When coming up empty-handed and having no evidence against the leader of the marauders, Luna attempted to try to track down the rest of criminals working alongside Dumpling Mutt. Unfortunately, the closest that Luna got to cracking down on the marauder group was Kitty Meow’s catnip supplier.

Feeling the frustration of not being able to throw the group of marauders in jail, Luna began to take her frustrations out on the inmates.

“I know you are keeping their identity a secret and I will find out where they are and who they are!” Luna yelled at the confused and angry inmate.

Although work was stressful, Luna made sure that she had fun within the workplace. At first Luna only flirted with her male co-workers but eventually she discovered that it was much more fun to have a few little affairs under the chief’s nose.

After a while, Luna started to become bored of her co-workers and so she thought that she would try to seduce her boss in hopes that he would give her a promotion.


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