Gen 4 – Chapter Ninety seven – Aftermatch

Racing up the stairs, Nalia slammed her back against the wall as tears fell down her cheeks. Noelle who had been doing her homework in the bedroom had heard the thud and upon opening the door and fount her sister in tears. Slowly approaching her sister Noelle reached out to comfort her.

“Don’t you touch me, don’t you ever touch me!” Nalia growled as she pushed Noelle away.
“Nalia?” Noelle whispered in shock, never had her sister ever spoken in her in such a tone before and then it dawned on her, she knew. “You know, don’t you?”

Taking a deep breath, Nalia stormed into her bedroom and slammed the door behind her. Noelle stared at the door for a few minutes before she walked into the bedroom and approached her sister once more. Unfortunately before Noelle got to speak, Nalia smacked her up the face and tried to smack her once again but this time Noelle was prepared and lifted her arms to protect herself but as she did so, she squeaked a few words that made her sister stop and look at her in shock.

“What did you say?” Nalia said in a bare whisper and as she looked into her sister’s dark glossy eyes, she knew that what her sister had said was true but she needed to hear it just once more.
“I’m pregnant!” Noelle sobbed as tears sprang from her eyes.

Noelle moved slowly away from her sister and sat upon the bed and looked up at her sister, hesitantly she reached out to grab her sister’s hand and pulled her towards the bed.

“Nalia, I am so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, I have been selfish and incredibly stupid and for that I do not expect you to forgive me but I can only ask and hope that maybe one day you will forgive me.” Noelle spoke softly as she placed her hands upon her heart.
“Why? Why him? Of all the boys, Alec?” Nalia asked as she tried to understand her sister’s actions.
“I saw how much you hurt him over and over again and with each breakup he was utterly crushed.” Noelle began to explain but was rudely interrupted by Nalia.
“So this is my fault?” Nalia snapped as she placed her hands upon her hips.
“No! I didn’t say it was your fault, Nalia. I’m saying that I fell in love with him, every time I sat with him when you two had broken up. We became friends and I think over time I began to have feeling for him. He never cheated on you, not with me at least.”
“I know.” Nalia sighed as she relaxed slightly. Although Nalia was still very angry with her sister, she knew that her sister’s pregnancy would need to be dealt with first.

Nalia and Noelle sat upon the bed for a few minutes without speaking, until Noelle could no longer take the silence.

“I want to keep this baby.” Noelle spoke softly as she looked over at her sister who simply smiled. “If our great, great, grandmother could raise a child as a teenager than I am sure that I can too.”
“I think you will do great as a teenage mother.” Nalia replied as she continued to smile.
“Will you help me tell mom and dad?” Noelle asked as she lightly chewed her bottom lip.
“You are going to be a mother and you need to show them that you are capable of growing up. You have to tell them yourself.” Nalia replied as she placed her hand upon her sisters.

Noelle nodded slightly before standing up and as she did so, Nalia stood up and embraced her sister into a tight hug.

Notes: Two things, firstly this is the finale of Gen 4. Secondly, I suppose this does seem a little unrealistic but I think that Nalia would put her sister and unborn niece/nephew before her own feelings even if she was hurt and she is immensely hurt. Her relationship bar is nearly fully red.  I don’t think Nalia is going to be able to forgive her sister for a while but at the moment, I think Nalia is trying to do what she feels is the right thing and for that, I think it’s more realistic then her disowning her pregnant sister but hey, that’s just my opinion.

Gen 4 – Chapter Ninety six – That boy is mine

The next couple of years had passed and during that time, Noelle had become a teenager and Nalia had started dating Alec. Although Nalia would not admit it, she was starting to fall in love with Alec but at the same time, she felt smothered by the relationship and had on a few occasions broke up with Alec only to get back with him a few weeks later.

Noelle had watched her sister’s on-off relationship with Alec and she had noticed how this had not only affected Alec but also herself. Noelle had always been fond of him and over the past couple of months had fount herself falling for the dark-haired boy. Which is why during the shortly after the recent breakup between Alec and her sister, Noelle started dating him.

Over the next couple of months of dating, Noelle had started to become more bold within the relation and would have Alec walk her to the doorstep of her house and would passionately kiss him. Apart of her was still unsure of her sister’s reaction to which is why the secret had remained but the other part of her wanted her sister to find out so that she didn’t need to hide the relationship anymore, she was utterly torn between her emotions.

Still unaware of her sister’s secret relationship with her ex, Nalia had noticed that Alec was standing outside the house as she walked from the swimming pool where she had spent the afternoon reading a book..

“Alec, what are you doing here?” Nalia asked in a bare whisper as she approached him.
“I, hmm..I.” Alec stumbled as Nalia got closer to him. Although he liked Noelle, he had loved Nalia.
“I’ve been thinking about you alot since we spilt up.” Nalia said shyly.
“Nalia..” Alex began but was interrupted when she kissed him and in return he kissed her back but after a few moments of kissing, Alec pulled away. “I can’t do this, not to her.”
“You can’t do this to whom?” Nalia asked in curiosity.
“Noelle.” Alec replied and pulled Nalia back when she turned to leave. “You didn’t know?”
“Of course, I didn’t know! I wouldn’t have kissed you, if I had known.” Nalia snapped as she pulled her arm from Alec’s grasp and stormed into the house.

Gen 4 – Chapter Ninety five – Hospital pranks

Georgia had spent an increasingly amount of time working within the hospital over the last couple of years due to her promotion, finding the little bit of time that she could spare during her shift, she went into the staff kitchen and grabbed herself a bite to eat.

Upon returning back to the wards, Georgia was shocked to see that her brother Alexander had been admitted into the ward.
“Hello sis or should I say Doctor Lachance.” Alexander said before coughing harshly.
“Doctor is fine, Alex.” Georgia replied as she approached the bed.
“Alexander, if you don’t mind.” Alexander growled as he sat up on the bed.
“What symptoms have you been experiencing?” Georgia asked as she pulled out her thermometer and stuck it in her brothers mouth causing Alexander to mumble.

After hours of collecting test samples and information from her brother, Georgia spent the afternoon in analysing all the samples.

Hours became days and days became weeks and still Georgia had not fount the cure to her brother’s mysterious illness. However, after a month of tests and scans she had finally discovered that her first instincts had indeed been correct. Alexander was completely healthy and the only thing that was the matter with her brother was his sheer evilness as he relished in making others suffer.

Deciding to get her own back, Georgia had arranged with her nephew Ethan to teach her brother a very valuable lesson. Ethan who was currently interning to become a surgeon within the hospital had agreed to wait outside of the room for a few moments and then come in muttering about all the blood on his hands, as Ethan looked down at his clean surgical gloves he couldn’t help but laugh.

“I think surgery is your best chance.” Georgia said as she looked at her brother, as Alexander’s face paled Georgia was finding it increasingly hard to repress the laughter.
“Are you sure? I mean, I feel fine.” Alexander stumbled as he lay back in the bed in fear.
“Definitely and we have a great surgeon on hand.” Georgia replied with a comforting smile but just as Alexander was about to reveal his prank, the doors opened and in ran the Ethan with a horrified expression upon his face.
“Blood! Blood is everywhere! I can’t get it off me.” Ethan muttered in a panicked voice as Georgia tried to keep her sober expression as she turned to face Ethan.
“He is not operating on me!” Alexander yelled as he stood up from the bed and clothed himself before stormed out of the ward as Georgia gloated in delight.

Gen 4 – Chapter Ninety four- Adjusting as a teenager

Nalia had fount adjusting to being a teenager rather confusing and it wasn’t long until she had already started to like a boy in her class at school but at the same time she feared that he would feel the same and ask her out on a date. Unlike many girls her age, Nalia felt more comfortable talking to her father than she did her mother about boys, she thought that it must be because he was once a boy and so it made sense to her.

“Dad, I was wondering about something.” Nalia asked as she finished off her homework that was due later that afternoon.
“Was you now?” Jared replied once he had swallowed the food that was in his mouth.
“It’s about boys.” Nalia replied as she placed her pen upon the table and looked at her dad. Alec Foreman, he is a boy in my science class. Well I like him.”
“Well that is good sweetheart, it’s about time you made a friend in school.” Jared replied with a knowing smirk.
“I mean, I like, like him.” Nalia admitted and blushed slightly.
“Oh!” Jared answered as he pushed the spoonful of cereal in his mouth and once he had swallowed the chewed cereal, he spoke once more. “Does this Alec like you in the same way.”
“Well I think so, I mean we sit together in class but..” Nalia replied but stopped mid sentence.
“But what?” Jared enquired as he looked at his daughter, he couldn’t help but smile. Nalia reminded him of his sister, how open and honest she was. Jared fount both comfort and pain in that realisation.
“I’m afraid of commitment.” Nalia admitted as she picked up the pen and began writing again.
“You are just a teenager, you will not always feel that way.” Jared assured.

Feeling even more clueless over Alec than she did before she spoke to her father, Nalia met up with her aunt Paige.

However, Nalia fount the subject rather awkward much to the dejection of Paige. Sensing that Nalia fount talking about boys embarrassing, Paige spoke of her bookstore.

Time soon flew by and soon it was time to say goodbye to her auntie Paige and walk home.

“I know that at the moment it must be hard to talk to me about boys but hopefully that will all change.” Paige said as she hugged Nalia.

Gen 4 – Chapter Ninety three – Nalia’s Birthday

Soon enough, the day was soon approaching where Nalia would have to leave her childhood behind and become a teenager.

Nalia had spent most of her morning trying to balancing on the monkey bars without falling when suddenly, her arm slipped and she fell off the monkey bars onto the ground.  Apart from the embarrassment, Nalia was luckily uninjured.

Nalia’s birthday had arrived and after Georgia had placed the birthday cake on the table, Nalia jumped up from the dining table followed by Noelle.

“What are you going to wish for?” Noelle asked as Nalia was in deep thought of what to wish for.
“Not telling or it won’t come true.” Nalia relied.

Finally deciding on what to wish for, Nalia took a deep breath and tried to focus on her wish.

As Nalia blew the candles, she frowned slighly as the candle wicks relit themselves. Hearing her father laugh gleefully, Nalia took another deep breath and tried to blow the candles out once more.

Gen 4 – Chapter Ninety two – Goodbye Lollie

Jared’s sister had visited near the end of the following summer with some rather upsetting news, her husband Oliver had passed away and she was absolutely devastated. Lollie’s children was in their late teens and she for that, she was grateful but the lost of her husband was consuming her and so she turned to the only person that would be able make her feel better, her brother.

“I’m so sorry for your lost, Lollie.” Jared had said as he hugged his sister at the doorway and led her into the lounge where Nalia was trying to practice playing chopsticks on the grand piano.
“I’m at a lost Jared, I don’t know what to do now that the love of my life is gone.” Lollie revealed as she sat down on the couch and looked at her brother.
“You will do as you have always done sis, you will manage. Lexi and the boys still need you and you know that and you are always welcome here anytime you like.” Jared replied as he looked back at his sister, her eyes was filled with such sadness.
“I will manage but I’m not sure if I want to, not  without Oliver.” Lollie admitted.
“That is the grief talking, Oliver was a good man. He was certainly the only man to come into your life and leave without a black eye.” Jared replied with a slight smile but his smile increased as Lollie laughed slightly.
“That is true.” Lollie replied through the laughter but suddenly the laughter stopped. “I feel guilty for laughing, when Oliver is no longer here to laugh with us.”
“Oliver would want you to laugh, he would hate to know that you was afraid to be happy without him.” Jared replied and taking a deep breath Lollie nodded in agreement.

They spent the rest of their day enjoying the memories of the man who had recently passed and as laughter filled the room, Lollie no longer felt guilty even though her heart ached for her lost love.

In the other room Noah, Noelle and recently grown up Neve sat at the counter eating French toast as they listened to their father and aunt reminisce over their uncle Oliver.

Later at evening, whilst Neve had fallen asleep on the couch. The other Lachance children went to play out in the garden with their aunt Lollie.

“Will you play hide and go seek with us, Aunt Lollie?” Nalia asked as her brother and sister ran up beside her.
“Oh yes, please do.” Noelle chipped in.
“Come on, it will be so much fun.” Noah added as he smile at his aunt.
“Oh alright.” Lollie replied after making the children wait a few minutes.

The following month Jared received a phone call from his niece Lexi, a phone call that would devastate the Lachance household.

“When?” Jared asked as the happiness was drained from his mood, his eyes was filled with sudden sadness as he tried to stop himself from breaking down over the phone.
“This morning, I tried to phone you earlier but there was no answer. Uncle? Are you still there?” Lexi had responded through the telephone.
“I’m still here.” Jared choked as his spoke, his chest was constricted by the emotion running through his body. “Lexi?”
“Yeah?” Lexi replied and Jared could hear the sadness in her voice, he could tell that she had recently crying and he’s heart ached for his niece but especially for his sister.
“If there is anything I can do for you and your brothers, please let us know.” Jared replied, the moment the call ended Jared allowed his tears to fall.

A few hours later, Jared decided to make his sister’s favourite cake with the intentions of spending the evening watching Mafiaville which was her favourite television show and eating the cake she so loved, it was a clear sign that Jared was heartbroken over the loss of his sister.

Unfortunately, Jared’s mind had been too focused on his grief and not on the task at hand and after realising that he had added salt instead of sugar, Jared broke down.

“Oh for Goobleck sake?!” Jared yelled as he threw his hands up into the air.

Note: I honestly and truly disliked writing this chapter because I struggle with death in any shape or form and really don’t usually like to write about it on such a level. However, I felt that for Jared and Lollie, it needed to be done. To show that their bond was very strong and that as siblings they was very close.

To Lollie both in sim and in life, I hope this meets your standards. <3

Gen 4- Chapter Ninety one – All the Lachance Children

Life in the Lachance household had increased over the last half a decade or so, Nalia had been pleased when her younger sister Noelle had grew up.

Both girls would spend most of their time together and would even help one another with their homework.

Noelle had not only been the only child to be born into the family, a few years later Noah had been born and he too had grew up into a child.

The last of increasing life in the Lachance household was Neve, who was currently sleeping in her crib as Noelle took the rubbish out.

Whilst the youngest of the Lachance household was fast asleep in her crib, the rest of the Lachance household enjoyed their summer in the garden as they played on the pirate ship.

Note: I apologise for this chapter, I thought it best to merge the three chapters together to make this as I was lacking on relevant pictures. This is beyond embarrassing..yet, here I am laughing..probably at my own silly self. Next chapter is rather long so hopefully that will make up for this blip. :(