Gen 4 – Chapter Eight three – Curious case of Ian Ervine

During Georgia’s internship, she had seen many patients get treated by the doctor’s of Willow Creek hospital but now that she was amongst those attempting to treat patients, she worried that she wasn’t going to become a very good doctor. However, those thoughts changed when she met her first patient.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Georgia Lachance and you must be Ian.” Georgia said and smiled at the little boy. “Pop yourself on the bed and I’ll take your temperature.”
“Are you a new doctor?” Ian asked as he sat upon the bed.
“Well, I recently finished my internship but I’ve been here for about a year now .” Georgia replied as she placed the thermometer in her mouth.

Over the space of the next couple of days, Georgia worked closely with Ian so that she could attempt to cure his mysterious illness.

As days turned into weeks, Georgia was becoming to run out of options and so she decided to take a D.N.A sample, so that she could analyse the sample in hopes that she would be able to figure out what the illness could be.

Ian watched as Georgia looked at the tube sample with deep curiosity.

“Will this cure me?” Ian asked worriedly.
“It will help me try to identify what is causing you to be ill.” Georgia replied softly.

Whilst the D.N.A sample was being evaluated by the analyst team, Georgia took Ian to have an X-Ray just to eliminate any issues that could be detected by the machine.

“Don’t look so worried, the X-Ray machine is a little loud but I promise that the machine won’t hurt you.” Georgia reassured when she noticed that Ian looked scared.
“Can I ask you a question?” Ian asked as he looked at Georgia.
“Of course you can.” Georgia replied as she pulled up his file on to the machine screen.
“Are you married?” Ethan asked curiously.
“No, I’m not married.” Georgia replied slowly.
“What about a boyfriend?” Ian asked with a cheeky grin.
“I’m afraid not. Now, Ian. I need you to remain as still as possible.” Georgia replied as she started the X-Ray.

Note: Thankyou to Lovesstorms for allowing me to include her simself’s offspring in this chapter. You can read Lovesstorms stories here


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