Gen 4 – Chapter Eighty – Coming of age

Once all the exams was completed, Jefferson and Georgia could finally celebrate their birthday. Already knowing what to wish, Jefferson blew out his candles whilst his sister thought about what to wish for.

After a few moments, Georgia lit her candles and proceeded to blow out her candles.

“We should celebrate our day in style, sis.” Jefferson said a few minutes after Georgia had made her wish.
“What do you suggest?” Georgia asked curiously as she noticed the mischievous grin that her brother was sporting.
“Well how about we go to the Blue Velvet and having our first drink as adults.” Jefferson offered to which his sister nodded in agreement.

Later that afternoon, Jefferson and Georgia sat at the bar in the Blue Velvet and ordered their first drink as adults. While Georgia waited for the mixologist to make two glasses of Zebra Fizz, Jefferson’s eyes had seemed to settled upon an attractive sim.

Noticing that he was staring, Jefferson looked away from the sim and then looked over  at his sister who was looking down at her Zebra fizz in horror. Taking a sip of his own drink, Jefferson coughed causing Georgia to look at him causing a small smile to graced her lips. Pushing the drink away, two orders of potato chips was ordered.


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