Gen 4 – Chapter Eighty eight – Pregnancy

A couple of weeks later, Georgia was rudely awakened by the sudden urge to vomit. Rushing to the bathroom, she threw up and groaned. It was at this moment that the sudden realisation hit her, opening the cupboard door she grabbed a pregnancy test. Upon returning to her bedroom with the pregnancy test in hand, Georgia prepared herself.

A few hours Georgia was awakened once more, opening her eyes Georgia noticed that Jared was getting changed into his pyjamas.

“I’m sorry I woke you.” Jared whispered as he approached the bed and bent over to kiss Georgia on the forehead.
“I’ve missed you too.” Georgia replied with a sleepy smile before climbing out the bed and following Jared to the other side. “I have something to tell you.”
“As do I.” Jared replied but noticing Georgia’s nervousness, he spoke once more. “Why don’t you tell me your news first.”
“We are going to be parents.” Georgia announced and frowned when Jared remained silent. “Are you not pleased?”
“No.” Jared responding and then Georgia sighed an ‘Oh’, he stood up and approached her. “I am ecstatic.”

During her pregnancy, Georgia still continued to work at the hospital but as her pregnancy accelerated so did the increasing tiredness.

Once Georgia was near the end of her third trimester, she spent most of her days painting in the lounge as she thought of names for her soon to be born child.

No longer than a week later, the next heir was born and with help of Georgia’s friend Paige, the name Nalia was chosen.


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