Gen 4 – Chapter Eighty five – Proposal

After many months of dating Georgia, Jared sat alone with Luna where he proceeded to ask for her blessing to marry Georgia.

Upon getting Luna’s blessing, Jared took Georgia to the place where they first met and leading her to the fountain, where he got down on one knee.

“We might not have known each other for very long but I feel like I have known you for my entire life, as if we was always meant to meet.” Jared said clearly as he pulled out the elegant wedding ring.
“Yes!” Georgia interrupted and rubbed her hand against her chest to tried to calm her emotions.
“I haven’t even asked you yet.” Jared replied with a hint of amusement in his tone. “Will you marry me?”

After agreeing to marry Jared, Georgia smiled brightly as he placed the elegant ring upon her finger.

Feeling the excitement of becoming Jared’s wife, Georgia leaped into her future husbands arms. Unfortunately, Jared was not prepared for such a leap and although he tried to catch hold of his soon to be bride, he was unable to keep balance and both of them fell to the ground.

As laughter engulf around them, their eyes met lovingly and in that moment they realised that they truly was meant for each other.


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