Gen 4 – Chapter Eighty four – Jared

Another year had passed by rather quickly for Georgia and in that time, she had become an aunt to twin boys called Jason and Joshua as well as finding love. Georgia had met outgoing Jared Storms and they had recently started dating one another and although their relationship was still rather new, they was smitten with one another.

When time would allow, Jared would whisk Georgia off for a romantic lunch, where the new couple would sit and get to know each other.

“Oh, You have some sauce on your cheek.” Georgia said softly as she touched his cheek with her finger.
“Do I?” Jared asked curiously.
“You do and you cannot introduce me to your family with sauce on your handsome face, now can you?” Georgia replied playfully.

“What if your family don’t like me?” Georgia said hesitantly as they approached the house, which caused Jared to turn around and grabbed a hold of Georgia’s hands.
“Lollie might not even notice you, what with her constantly on Simpe chatting to all her Sim forever friends.” Jared reassured but as he noticed Georgia’s disbelief he gently squeezed her hands. “They will love you, don’t worry.”
“Well I’m sure I will love them too.” Georgia replied with a bright smile.

As the Ervine’s was introduced to Georgia, Ian beamed with happiness as he recognised Georgia, as  she had been one of his doctor at the hospital.

“I know you!” Ian said, interrupting his uncle and causing Georgia to laugh lightly.
“How do you know Georgia, son?” Oliver asked curious as Lollie noticed the happiness in her brother’s eyes.
“She was one of my doctors at the hospital.” Ethan replied as he grabbed Georgia’s hand and dragged her into the garden.
“I didn’t know you was dating a doctor, Jared.” Lollie teased causing Jared to blush.

As they sat in the garden, Lollie and Lexi began to ask Georgia questions as Oliver and the boys watched sneezing plumbots on simtube. Jared however, had gone to collect something from his bedroom.

Note: Thankyou to Lovesstorms, who was so sweet enough to create Jared for me and  of course for Lollie and co.


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