Gen 4 – Chapter Eighty one – Internship

The next couple of months flew by for the Lachance family but near the end of summer, Georgia had received her acceptance letter for her internship at Willow Creek hospital.

“Hello, I’m here for the internship.’ Georgia spoke confidently as she stood at the reception desk.
“Name and doctor that you have your internship under?” The receptionist asked.
“Georgia Lachance and I am under Doctor Fen Simson.” Georgia replied.
“Go through on the right door and take the first left and then it’s the first door on the left.” The receptionist replied before lifting up the ringing telephone.

During Georgia’s internship, she had become accustomed to making the beds throughout the hospital.

Once the doctor that she was interning under was more confident in Georgia’s abilities, she was then allowed to give patients their medicine.

Over time she was then allowed to attempt diagnosing patients under the guidance of Doctor Fen Simson.

Then when both Georgia and Doctor Fen Simson was confident that she was ready, Georgia was allowed to practice analysing samples.


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