Gen 4 – Chapter Eighty seven – Piper and Joe’s wedding

During Georgia’s and Jared wedding, the couple’s friend Joe Simwell had met the younger Lachance daughter and after dating Piper for a couple of months the couple decided to get married.

Piper had asked Georgia to be a bridesmaid whilst Joe had asked Jefferson to be best man, since Jared was currently unavailable to attend the sudden wedding due to him being in Granite Falls on a comedy tour.

Once the vows and wedding rings had been exchanged, the happy couple fed one another a piece of cake.

Soon as newlyweds had left, Jefferson and Georgia sat down at the table and spoke about their lives.

“How’s married life treating you?” Jefferson asked curiously.
“It’s really good, Jared and I are taking it slow as we have always done.” Georgia replied with a smile. “How’s Michelle and the boys?”
“They are great, the boys are growing up so big. Soon, they will be going to school.” Jefferson replied.
“I received a call from Alexander the other day, he’s finally settled down with Jenna. They are expecting a baby and are naming the child Loki, regardless of gender.” Georgia said a couple of moments later.
“How fitting.” Jefferson laughed.
“Lets take a picture together, it’s been ever so long since we did this.” Georgia said as she pulled out her picture.

Note: A special thanks to Addy who created Joe Simwell, I saw him on the gallery and though he would be perfect for Piper. You can check out Addy’s story here


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