Gen 4 – Chapter Eighty six – Jared and Georgia’s wedding

After a short engagement, Jared and Georgia’s wedding day had arrived. Following in the Lachance tradition of many of the former Lachance matriarchs. Georgia wished to marry the love of her life in the back garden in front of the family wedding arch and surrounded by her closest family.

Kissing Georgia’s hands, Jared began to recite his well rehearsed vows.

“Throughout my life, I had often wondered if I would find the same love that I had witnessed in others and today, as I stand in front of all our loved ones. I am most certain that I managed to not only find that love but also my soul mate. Under the watchful eye of the Holy Goobleck, I Jared Storms not only dedicate my love to you until the grim reaper parts us but also I dedicate my life to making you as happy as you make me.” Jared recited.

Taking a deep breath, Georgia began to recite the vows that she had prepared.

“As I stand besides you today in the presence of our loved ones and under the watchful eye of the Holy Plumbob, I give my heart to you. You are the light in the darkness and have been ever since the moment we first met. You captured not only my heart but also my soul and I vow to love you with all of my heart until the my heart stops being.” Georgia recited before she placed a delicate kiss upon Jared’s cheek.

Once they had recited their vows, the bride and groom exchanged wedding rings and took their first kiss as husband and wife.

It wasn’t long until the wedding cake was cut and the newly wed couple fed one another a slice of wedding cake.


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