Gen 4 – Chapter Ninety five – Hospital pranks

Georgia had spent an increasingly amount of time working within the hospital over the last couple of years due to her promotion, finding the little bit of time that she could spare during her shift, she went into the staff kitchen and grabbed herself a bite to eat.

Upon returning back to the wards, Georgia was shocked to see that her brother Alexander had been admitted into the ward.
“Hello sis or should I say Doctor Lachance.” Alexander said before coughing harshly.
“Doctor is fine, Alex.” Georgia replied as she approached the bed.
“Alexander, if you don’t mind.” Alexander growled as he sat up on the bed.
“What symptoms have you been experiencing?” Georgia asked as she pulled out her thermometer and stuck it in her brothers mouth causing Alexander to mumble.

After hours of collecting test samples and information from her brother, Georgia spent the afternoon in analysing all the samples.

Hours became days and days became weeks and still Georgia had not fount the cure to her brother’s mysterious illness. However, after a month of tests and scans she had finally discovered that her first instincts had indeed been correct. Alexander was completely healthy and the only thing that was the matter with her brother was his sheer evilness as he relished in making others suffer.

Deciding to get her own back, Georgia had arranged with her nephew Ethan to teach her brother a very valuable lesson. Ethan who was currently interning to become a surgeon within the hospital had agreed to wait outside of the room for a few moments and then come in muttering about all the blood on his hands, as Ethan looked down at his clean surgical gloves he couldn’t help but laugh.

“I think surgery is your best chance.” Georgia said as she looked at her brother, as Alexander’s face paled Georgia was finding it increasingly hard to repress the laughter.
“Are you sure? I mean, I feel fine.” Alexander stumbled as he lay back in the bed in fear.
“Definitely and we have a great surgeon on hand.” Georgia replied with a comforting smile but just as Alexander was about to reveal his prank, the doors opened and in ran the Ethan with a horrified expression upon his face.
“Blood! Blood is everywhere! I can’t get it off me.” Ethan muttered in a panicked voice as Georgia tried to keep her sober expression as she turned to face Ethan.
“He is not operating on me!” Alexander yelled as he stood up from the bed and clothed himself before stormed out of the ward as Georgia gloated in delight.


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