Gen 4 – Chapter Ninety four- Adjusting as a teenager

Nalia had fount adjusting to being a teenager rather confusing and it wasn’t long until she had already started to like a boy in her class at school but at the same time she feared that he would feel the same and ask her out on a date. Unlike many girls her age, Nalia felt more comfortable talking to her father than she did her mother about boys, she thought that it must be because he was once a boy and so it made sense to her.

“Dad, I was wondering about something.” Nalia asked as she finished off her homework that was due later that afternoon.
“Was you now?” Jared replied once he had swallowed the food that was in his mouth.
“It’s about boys.” Nalia replied as she placed her pen upon the table and looked at her dad. Alec Foreman, he is a boy in my science class. Well I like him.”
“Well that is good sweetheart, it’s about time you made a friend in school.” Jared replied with a knowing smirk.
“I mean, I like, like him.” Nalia admitted and blushed slightly.
“Oh!” Jared answered as he pushed the spoonful of cereal in his mouth and once he had swallowed the chewed cereal, he spoke once more. “Does this Alec like you in the same way.”
“Well I think so, I mean we sit together in class but..” Nalia replied but stopped mid sentence.
“But what?” Jared enquired as he looked at his daughter, he couldn’t help but smile. Nalia reminded him of his sister, how open and honest she was. Jared fount both comfort and pain in that realisation.
“I’m afraid of commitment.” Nalia admitted as she picked up the pen and began writing again.
“You are just a teenager, you will not always feel that way.” Jared assured.

Feeling even more clueless over Alec than she did before she spoke to her father, Nalia met up with her aunt Paige.

However, Nalia fount the subject rather awkward much to the dejection of Paige. Sensing that Nalia fount talking about boys embarrassing, Paige spoke of her bookstore.

Time soon flew by and soon it was time to say goodbye to her auntie Paige and walk home.

“I know that at the moment it must be hard to talk to me about boys but hopefully that will all change.” Paige said as she hugged Nalia.


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