Gen 4- Chapter Ninety one – All the Lachance Children

Life in the Lachance household had increased over the last half a decade or so, Nalia had been pleased when her younger sister Noelle had grew up.

Both girls would spend most of their time together and would even help one another with their homework.

Noelle had not only been the only child to be born into the family, a few years later Noah had been born and he too had grew up into a child.

The last of increasing life in the Lachance household was Neve, who was currently sleeping in her crib as Noelle took the rubbish out.

Whilst the youngest of the Lachance household was fast asleep in her crib, the rest of the Lachance household enjoyed their summer in the garden as they played on the pirate ship.

Note: I apologise for this chapter, I thought it best to merge the three chapters together to make this as I was lacking on relevant pictures. This is beyond embarrassing..yet, here I am laughing..probably at my own silly self. Next chapter is rather long so hopefully that will make up for this blip. :(


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