Gen 4 – Chapter Ninety six – That boy is mine

The next couple of years had passed and during that time, Noelle had become a teenager and Nalia had started dating Alec. Although Nalia would not admit it, she was starting to fall in love with Alec but at the same time, she felt smothered by the relationship and had on a few occasions broke up with Alec only to get back with him a few weeks later.

Noelle had watched her sister’s on-off relationship with Alec and she had noticed how this had not only affected Alec but also herself. Noelle had always been fond of him and over the past couple of months had fount herself falling for the dark-haired boy. Which is why during the shortly after the recent breakup between Alec and her sister, Noelle started dating him.

Over the next couple of months of dating, Noelle had started to become more bold within the relation and would have Alec walk her to the doorstep of her house and would passionately kiss him. Apart of her was still unsure of her sister’s reaction to which is why the secret had remained but the other part of her wanted her sister to find out so that she didn’t need to hide the relationship anymore, she was utterly torn between her emotions.

Still unaware of her sister’s secret relationship with her ex, Nalia had noticed that Alec was standing outside the house as she walked from the swimming pool where she had spent the afternoon reading a book..

“Alec, what are you doing here?” Nalia asked in a bare whisper as she approached him.
“I, hmm..I.” Alec stumbled as Nalia got closer to him. Although he liked Noelle, he had loved Nalia.
“I’ve been thinking about you alot since we spilt up.” Nalia said shyly.
“Nalia..” Alex began but was interrupted when she kissed him and in return he kissed her back but after a few moments of kissing, Alec pulled away. “I can’t do this, not to her.”
“You can’t do this to whom?” Nalia asked in curiosity.
“Noelle.” Alec replied and pulled Nalia back when she turned to leave. “You didn’t know?”
“Of course, I didn’t know! I wouldn’t have kissed you, if I had known.” Nalia snapped as she pulled her arm from Alec’s grasp and stormed into the house.


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