Gen 4 – Chapter Ninety three – Nalia’s Birthday

Soon enough, the day was soon approaching where Nalia would have to leave her childhood behind and become a teenager.

Nalia had spent most of her morning trying to balancing on the monkey bars without falling when suddenly, her arm slipped and she fell off the monkey bars onto the ground.  Apart from the embarrassment, Nalia was luckily uninjured.

Nalia’s birthday had arrived and after Georgia had placed the birthday cake on the table, Nalia jumped up from the dining table followed by Noelle.

“What are you going to wish for?” Noelle asked as Nalia was in deep thought of what to wish for.
“Not telling or it won’t come true.” Nalia relied.

Finally deciding on what to wish for, Nalia took a deep breath and tried to focus on her wish.

As Nalia blew the candles, she frowned slighly as the candle wicks relit themselves. Hearing her father laugh gleefully, Nalia took another deep breath and tried to blow the candles out once more.


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