Gen 4 – Chapter Ninety two – Goodbye Lollie

Jared’s sister had visited near the end of the following summer with some rather upsetting news, her husband Oliver had passed away and she was absolutely devastated. Lollie’s children was in their late teens and she for that, she was grateful but the lost of her husband was consuming her and so she turned to the only person that would be able make her feel better, her brother.

“I’m so sorry for your lost, Lollie.” Jared had said as he hugged his sister at the doorway and led her into the lounge where Nalia was trying to practice playing chopsticks on the grand piano.
“I’m at a lost Jared, I don’t know what to do now that the love of my life is gone.” Lollie revealed as she sat down on the couch and looked at her brother.
“You will do as you have always done sis, you will manage. Lexi and the boys still need you and you know that and you are always welcome here anytime you like.” Jared replied as he looked back at his sister, her eyes was filled with such sadness.
“I will manage but I’m not sure if I want to, not  without Oliver.” Lollie admitted.
“That is the grief talking, Oliver was a good man. He was certainly the only man to come into your life and leave without a black eye.” Jared replied with a slight smile but his smile increased as Lollie laughed slightly.
“That is true.” Lollie replied through the laughter but suddenly the laughter stopped. “I feel guilty for laughing, when Oliver is no longer here to laugh with us.”
“Oliver would want you to laugh, he would hate to know that you was afraid to be happy without him.” Jared replied and taking a deep breath Lollie nodded in agreement.

They spent the rest of their day enjoying the memories of the man who had recently passed and as laughter filled the room, Lollie no longer felt guilty even though her heart ached for her lost love.

In the other room Noah, Noelle and recently grown up Neve sat at the counter eating French toast as they listened to their father and aunt reminisce over their uncle Oliver.

Later at evening, whilst Neve had fallen asleep on the couch. The other Lachance children went to play out in the garden with their aunt Lollie.

“Will you play hide and go seek with us, Aunt Lollie?” Nalia asked as her brother and sister ran up beside her.
“Oh yes, please do.” Noelle chipped in.
“Come on, it will be so much fun.” Noah added as he smile at his aunt.
“Oh alright.” Lollie replied after making the children wait a few minutes.

The following month Jared received a phone call from his niece Lexi, a phone call that would devastate the Lachance household.

“When?” Jared asked as the happiness was drained from his mood, his eyes was filled with sudden sadness as he tried to stop himself from breaking down over the phone.
“This morning, I tried to phone you earlier but there was no answer. Uncle? Are you still there?” Lexi had responded through the telephone.
“I’m still here.” Jared choked as his spoke, his chest was constricted by the emotion running through his body. “Lexi?”
“Yeah?” Lexi replied and Jared could hear the sadness in her voice, he could tell that she had recently crying and he’s heart ached for his niece but especially for his sister.
“If there is anything I can do for you and your brothers, please let us know.” Jared replied, the moment the call ended Jared allowed his tears to fall.

A few hours later, Jared decided to make his sister’s favourite cake with the intentions of spending the evening watching Mafiaville which was her favourite television show and eating the cake she so loved, it was a clear sign that Jared was heartbroken over the loss of his sister.

Unfortunately, Jared’s mind had been too focused on his grief and not on the task at hand and after realising that he had added salt instead of sugar, Jared broke down.

“Oh for Goobleck sake?!” Jared yelled as he threw his hands up into the air.

Note: I honestly and truly disliked writing this chapter because I struggle with death in any shape or form and really don’t usually like to write about it on such a level. However, I felt that for Jared and Lollie, it needed to be done. To show that their bond was very strong and that as siblings they was very close.

To Lollie both in sim and in life, I hope this meets your standards. <3


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